Walter Walsh

Hall of Fame

Date of birth:



West Hoboken, New Jersey

Olympic Experience:

  • 1924 Olympic Games - Gold team, 100m Running Deer doubles
  • 1924 Olympic Games - Gold team, 400m-600m-800m Army Rifle


At the age of 16, Walter Walsh began his military career through the Civilian Military Training Corp. He then transitioned into the New Jersey Army National Guard. While in the Guard, Walsh attended and graduated from Rutgers Law School and began working with the FBI. During his FBI career, Walsh is credited with the capture of many notorious gang members of his era, including Arthur Baker (son of Ma Baker) and Al Brady.

After his notable career with the FBI up until 1942, Walsh then served in World War II as a Reserve Marine Corp Lieutenant. After acts of valor, Walsh was promoted to Colonel and returned to the FBI for another two years.

Competition Highlights:

  • 1952 ISSF World Shooting Championships - Gold Medalist, 25M Center-Fire Pistol
  • 1952 ISSF World Shooting Championships - Silver Medalist, 25M Center-Fire Pistol